It can be a challenge to design a small space that is organized and functional. Find some tips to create beautiful spaces

  1. Double duty furniture

If you want to maximize your space, furniture that has hidden storage is key. A bench with storage or drawers can be a great piece to have in an entrance, a bedroom or living area.
2. Bespoke furniture
Bespoke furniture is one of the most efficient ways to maximize a small space. By using a wall, for instance, it is possible to create extra storage, making your space always tidy. You can also add the functionality to aesthetics by complementing the furniture with a decorative surface.
2. Smaller sofas
A sofa with a good design, such as ADA sofa, designed by Mónica Braga dos Santos, is an excellent piece for a small space as it has the adequate dimensions for a cosy living room. If you like, it is also possible to pair it up with 2 lounge chairs for extra seating. We will help you to redefine your living space.
4. Complementary colors
When desigining a small space, the uso of neutrals and some bold accessories, plants or lighting is a great way to add movement and life to your space.

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