Woodmade has received for restoration a 100-year-old sewing box, which was inherited by one of our clients. This piece, with inlays of various wood species such as palissandro, hawthorn wood and laurel-oak wood, has arrived in a very deteriorated condition.


All the piece was sanded, scrapped and glued too return to its original state. All the broken pieces were restored or rebuilt, the lock was arranged and inlays that were broken were made anew.


After cleaning, sanding and finishing this piece was possible to recover its natural beauty, enhanced by the shine of natural beeswax that will allow the wood to be maintained and nourished.

This box is an example of the handicraft work of wood inlay, typical from Madeira island with motifs like the bull cars and the hawthorn flowers, widely used during the 19th century in objects like sewing boxes, gambling tables and small benches (in; Elucidário Madeirense, 1978).



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