Solid wood furniture, handmade with the craftmanship of generations.

What we do

We use handmade techniques to build furniture pieces and other wood accessories, creating unique and customized objects.

Unique pieces

Our pieces are handmade meaning they are unrepeatable.

Furniture design

We build pieces projected by designers and architects.

Bespoke projects

We create bespoke projects, especially built for your space.


We take care of your old pieces, giving them a new life.

Objects with a story

Each Woodmade piece has a story that we will share with you.


Woodmade uses ancestral techniques to build solid wood furniture, sharing the legacy of traditional craftsmanship in each piece.

Recent projects

Keep up with our latest projects and news

Gambling table restoration

This gambling table was in a very deteriorated condition: it had suffered wood insects attack; the fabric was getting rotten and some parts of the table were broken. The table was put in a gas camera, and then was completely restored. The opening system was restored,...

Bespoke project: personalized box

This box was ordered by a client who wanted a unique jewellery case to offer as an original present. Therefore, the box was designed with the client and using the letter “I” inlayed in the box. Handmade by Woodmade.

Sewing table restoration

This English style antique sewing table in American cherry tree was a family furniture piece with many years. The piece, with style and unique character was in a very bad condition: some pieces had crashes in them, the veneer was not even, and some parts were broken....


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R. da Cruz, 75 – Centro Empresarial Elospark, Ed. 3
2725-193, Mem-Martins – Sintra


If you want to visit to see one of our pieces or discuss a new project, contact us to book.

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