If you are looking for a new piece of furniture, solid wood can be an excellent option. Cost-benefit, sustainability and unique finishes are a few reasons why you should choose wood over other materials.

  1. Cost benefit If looking for a durable option, then wood offers the best cost benefit. Solid wood is very resistant and when well maintained it will last for generations. Thanks to its durability this material implies an initial investment that is compensated by its quality and solidness.
  2. Sustainability Thanks to its durability, wood is a sustainable option that implies the use of ancestral techniques and creates less waste compared with other materials. Also, it is the only 100% renewable building material and its extraction, transportation and cut is EU regulated and certified, which garantes best quality without destroying the environment. Besides that, when buying in WOODMADE, you will be contributing for the plantation of trees and forest preservation.
  3. Customization: Wood is a material that allows customization. A great range of projects can be made out of wood and by reapplying finishes is also possible to change an old piece of wooden furniture. Send us your idea!

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