About us

Woodmade is a furniture brand with a story, that is born from the passion of a family with more than five generations of craftsman, which designs and builds fine furniture pieces and bespoke projects.

The team

Tiago Pereira

Gestor de produção

Margarida Cunha

Project Management & Design

Raquel Vieira

Marketing & RP

José Cunha

General & Financial Manager

The Process

As a furniture brand, Woodmade values the use of traditional techniques and natural finishes.

Each Woodmade piece has the quality and solidity of wood, and finishes that respect the natural beauty of the wood. Each piece has a durability warranty and a story that we are proud to display.

The Legacy

The legacy of traditional Portuguese joinery, with inlay and carved wood is present in each Woodmade piece, handmade with the mastery of the past. All projects and pieces reflect the craftsmanship passed in the trade through generations.


All the woods used by us are picked by their natural beauty, stability and durability. They all come from sustainable sources, being cut in a way that assures the structural integrity of the furniture.

For each piece that is produced, Woodmade will plant a tree (in partnership with Plant a Tree Association).

Wood selection

• Chestnut Tree
• Ash
• Tola
• Wenge
• Cherry Tree
• American Walnut

Exotic woods

• Palissandro
• Bloodwood
• Gonçalo Alves (tigerwood)
• Amata
• Macawood
• Rosewood
• Ebany

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